An update on the current status of the QT development:

1. All parts of the QTWebEngine are finished, including the QT integration
with the Chromium engine. The code can be compiled when Chromium, where is
depends on, is finished.

2. All of the build tools required to build Chromium have been ported to
OS/2 and are working.

3. Chromium itself is now being worked on, which is about 50k of source
code files. To get this to compile also requires fixes and additions to
dependencies like LIBC

There has been good progress on the project, nevertheless there is still a
lot of work to be done. The current estimate is it will take about 2
months to get QT including all the web parts compiled and then some more
time to do bugfixing.

We still need funding to get this done. The VOICE coffers are almost

Click on the link below and scroll down to find the QT sponsoring options.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein

President OS/2 VOICE foundation