This posting is to inform you QT is making a lot of headway but we are not at the point we can deliver you a browser, yet.  The goal of the QT port is to port a Chromium based browser such as the Falcon browser to OS/2 and ArcaOS. As explained before Firefox long term is no longer an option for OS/2. For more updates posted since Oktober 2017 about this funding campaign visit our Bitwise Works QT report archive.

  • We need your donations to keep coming in.  You can  become Bitwise Works Patreon member and donate each month.
  • But you can also donate a one time amount via the OS/2 VOICE donation page.

These two screenshots, while textmode, where taken in November 2018. As posted before updates from me where slow the last couple of months duo to health issue's.

Dnslookup  compiled with the latest QT version on ArcaOS.

A Downloadmanager compiled with the latest QT version on ArcaOS as textmode applications.

Its currently estimated that within the next 6 to 8 weeks (half way or end of May 2019), the first graphicall OS/2 applications can be compiled. The QT library framework delivers on average 80% of the program code required to run a QT based browser. The port of the browser it self is expected to take 6 months.

Other applications that need QT on Arca/OS2 are for example:

9. PyQt (will bring A LOT of GUI applications) -