Dear OS/2 community,

The Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation (referred as “VOICE”) send out a status update about the funding campaign to support bww bitwise works GmbH (referred as "bitwise") company. Bitwise is working on a port of the QT library to OS/2 and is making a lot of progress. As I have written in the Update 7 I have not written an update about the status of the funding campaign f duo to health issue's. 

In update I had forgotten to report a very important detail. Next to that the current QT port passes all 70.000 tests build into the QT framework. QT text mode command line applications can already be compiled. While grapgicall applications is what we want as community it shows we are making a lot of progress1

You can see how much money is donated here. We are currently at about 23.310 Euro. We need your help as a community to make this important port QT from Bitwise move forward. All source code is provided free of charge to the world and is always checked in here. Bitwise works counts on YOUR donations to make this happen. You can read here how you can donate money to Bitwise here: A lot of people in the community download software from the Netlabs server without fully releasing a lot of that work is being performed by Bitwise. So please continue to donate!

Another new way to sponsor Bitwise monthly is by using Patreon. Each month you donate an amount, you decide.

This is a statement that was jointly written by the Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation and bww bitwise works GmbH.


Best regards,


Roderick Klein             &    The "bitwise" team

Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation         Silvan, Herwig and Dmitriy