For people running another operating systems such as Windows, MacOS or Linux, remote control software has been a normal tool to use for years already. A lot of helpdesks for example use Teamviewer. We however do not have a tool that enables people to provide suppor to OS/2 user. Older software remote control packages such as Netop OS/2 from Danware or older software such as PolyPM is no longer sold or the software is insecure.

So for who is this webpage?

People who need OS/2 support:

If you are an OS/2 user of OS/2, eComStation or ArcaOS and you have an issue you want resolved with OS/2, the Dutch OS/2 foundation might be able you to help you. Other options you have is to contact Arca Noae or a ticket here (you need to have an account created here). You can also discuss your issue here on the forum OS2WORLD forum or for example.

Another option that OS/2 VOICE now offers with this new remote control software, if you have a working internet connection under OS/2, we can login into your OS/2 system with your help! If you have an OS/2 issue you are really stuck with it send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and if needed we can set up a remote control session. The service is free of charge. and if we resolve your issue any donation to OS/2 VOICE foundation is welcome.  Any donations made to OS/2 VOICE will be used to hire OS/2 developers to develop open source software for OS/2. Note: None of the OS/2 VOICE board members will be hired to perform any of this work!

You do not have to modify anything on your network or OS/2 system to run this software. We send it via email, you can at any moment of the support session, close the remote control support session if you want.  The current version of the remote control software does not provide file transfer or a chat support. However we can access your desktop. The connection is also encrypted so other parties can not break in.

Companies providing remote OS/2 support (last updated 7th of October 2018) are:


If you want to be listed service provider using this tool to provide OS/2 support to customers, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

People who want to provide support to OS/2 users/companies.

If you want to provide support to OS/2 users or companies you can download the remote control tool and sources here.

Helpdesk package updated to the version 1.01: all executables are marked to run on a single CPU on an SMP system.

  • Inside the ZIP is a document called helpdeskt.txt with instructions how to setup the server portion of the software.
  • You will need to setup a port forward in your router or cable/ADSL modem
  • For each customer you help you create a new package.
  • When you send the "client" package to the customer via email, you might need to rename the file extension from .EXE to for example .EXQ.  This is to prevent that certain email providers such as Gmail (Google) that do not except emails with attachements that contain  a file name with the file extension .EXE.


The remote control software is based on SSH and VNC server + client. Rich Walsh put the software in this single package. If you encounter any issue's with the software or you have any suggestions please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The disclaimer is very simple. This software is provided to anybody who wants to use it at no cost. For this reason the developer Rich Walsh, the VOICE foundation and/or its board members can not be held accountable in any way for any damages. Its provided free of charge to the world and support is provided on a best effort basis.

The fuil license can be found in the "remote control tool", in the ZIP file is a file called helpdesk.txt. See the section "License and Acknowledgements" .